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Black Brandywine Tomatoes

Sam Baxter is the sous chef at Providence (5955 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles).  He is making a grated tomato salad to accompany grilled salmon.  Cut a black brandywine tomato in half and discard the seeds and excess juices.  Grate using a box grater, holding the skin side of the tomato.  Reserve the pulp in a cheese cloth and strain.  Reduce the liquid and add yuzu and white soy for a vinaigrette.  Serve the tomato pulp as a salad with grilled salmon.  Dress with the vinaigrette.


David Karp is a pomologist with UC Riverside. He writes the Market Watch column for The Los Angeles Times.  Today he is finding quince at the market.  Quince is an apple-like fruit that is usually inedible when raw.  There are some varieties, however, that can be eaten raw.  It is commonly served as a jellied fruit or paste.  Quince has a high pectin content, which makes it popular in making jams and jellies.