Ask Evan: Is It Possible to Purchase Just Egg Yolks? Fresh, Dried or Frozen?

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Every Tuesday I answer a question from a Good Food listener. You can email me a question, leave one on Facebook or add one in the comments section here. This week’s came from Nancy:

I have often wondered if there is just a product you can get that is just egg yolks? (dried/frozen) You can get dried whites for meringues but what about just yolks for recipes like the recent one for strawberries and custard.

Ah..liquid pasteurized yolks are a very convenient product that chefs have access to through wholesale grocery companies. But it seems that the companies that make them apparently think home cooks have no use for “just yolks” or will maybe think they’re indestructible and ignore the “use by” date.  I can’t find them anywhere at the retail level.  Has anyone out there seen them?

Alternatively you can learn to pasteurize egg yolks at home here and here.