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Rachael Sheridan is all about canning. She explains what to can and how to do it.  Sheriden is the food buyer at Cube on La Brea Ave in Los Angeles, where she also makes jams. Currently they have  Wild and Oxnard Strawberry, Wong Farm Mango, White Peach and Lemon Verbena, Tenerelli Indian Peach and November Blackberry. 

Cube @ Divine Pasta
615 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Rachael recommends:

Blenheim Apricot Jam by We Love Jam, CA $16
You have to love a company that started making jam in order to save the endangered blenheim apricot tree.  This jam is the best apricot jam I’ve ever tasted.  Yes, you can go ahead and glaze away with it but really it’s a star on a homemade biscuit with some butter.  I also love it with some pecorino and the “prosciutto” from Colonel Newsom’s in Kentucky.

GT 1000s and Smokra by Rick’s Picks, NY $11
Yes Virginia, there is a Rick!  He makes his line of pickles in small batches with local ingredients from the farmer’s market.  Two of my favorites are they GT 1000s, a curried green tomato pickle perfect for a turkey or ham sandwich, and Smokra, a savory pickled okra with smoked paprika that’s perfect for relish plates or a little salumi.

Grapefruit and Rhubarb Jam from Lou Lou’s Garden, CA $11
Made by Casey Havre in San Francisco this is seriously the most refreshing jam I’ve ever tasted. The rhubarb is sustainably grown in Loulou's own garden, made in very small batches in order to preserve (excuse the pun) its special flavor. The rhubarb is combined with organic ruby grapefruits (zest and juice) that add a honey flavor and a surprising freshness. Lovely on grilled game birds or served alongside grilled white fish.

Apple Butter by the Kiwanis Club of Vienna, Ohio $12

This Apple Butter is actually from my hometown in Vienna, Ohio. The local orchards donate the apples that are slow cooked with Apple Cider Syrup from the local Amish Community. Rich and satisfying, perfect with Double Devon Cream on a scone or with an amazing aged cheddar (I also love to whisk it into pork gravy).

Apple and Rosemary Jam by Saint Matteo, Italy $23
The San Matteo farm is set in Sicily amidst a splendid and extensive citrus grove that looks out over the sea at the gulf of Taormina and up to Mount Etna. Carlo Limone organically grows all the fruits and vegetables that go into his amazing preserves.  I’m a big rosemary fan, anything that tastes like herbs and butter is tops in my book. So when I tried this apple preserve with rosemary I was hooked. It actually made me yell, “Where’s my pork chop?” Because that’s exactly what you should do with it, smear it on some porky goodness and don’t look back.

Elderberry Jelly by Livio Pesle, Italy $12
Livio Pesle is one of the nicest men alive.  He called me a few months back and said “Rachael, I have lots of Elderflowers this year.  I might make jelly.  You want me send you some?”  “Um, yes!  Of course!” I replied.  He sent us these beautiful little jars of Elderflower Jelly with the flowers floating in the bottom.  It’s so elegant on a cheese plate with Mt. Tam or Brillat-Savarin, but I also love to spoon a little into prosecco for a fancy cocktail.


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