Wok Cooking 101

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Jet Tila gives us the six commandments of wok cooking. Jet recommends using a flat-bottomed carbon-steel wok. To season the wok heat it well, add kosher salt, rub the interior with the salt until the salt turns a bit brown, clean with soapy water, and dry completely. Jet also says that you should stay country specific, if you’re making Chinese food, use Chinese soy sauce.

Six Commandments of Wok Cooking

1.    Knife Cuts. Make them consistent. “If you can pick it up with a chopstick, it’s the right size.”
2.    Mise en place. “Be completely prepped out.” Have all your components completely set up. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute.
3.    Heat the wok to 400 degrees, after you add the oil in and you see white smoke, it’s time to cook.
4.    Sauce. Double the amount you need and use half to start and add more as you need it.
5.    Clean the wok immediately afterward.
6.    Use salt to scour the wok, as needed.

For information on his cooking classes or about his Thai specialty market, Bangkok Market, click here.