Market Report

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Zoe Nathan of Huckleberry Cafe and Rustic Canyon were at the market.  She's buying apples and passion fruit.  The uglier the passion fruit, the better, says Zoe.  She scoops out the flesh, purees it and then strains it. 

She's also buying kale and is making a kale soup.  Saute yellow onions with garlic.  Add butternut squash along with herbs like thyme, sage and rosemary. When it's nice and soft, add the kale.  Add cooked chick peas and veggie stock and then let it simmer.

Bob Polito is a citrus grower from Valley Center.  Valencia oranges are at their peak right now.   They are perfect for making juice.  Choose a larger fruit if you're going to eat the orange as it will peel much easier.  Tangerines will be at the markets around Thanksgiving.

On Thursday, November 5, the Santa Monica Farmers Market is hosting a panel discussion on "Eating the Whole Farm."  More info here.  Evan Kleiman will be moderating a panel that includes Phil McGrath and Ben Ford of Ford's Filling Station.

Music Break: Spark Plug [Thrash Mix] by The Nitwoods