Candy Corn: Love it or Hate it?

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This week on Good Food, we talk to Eric J. Lawrence, KCRW’s Music Librarian about his obsession with candy corn. He is a self-proclaimed snack enthusiast, and he’s crazy for candy corn. On this week’s show he and Evan Kleiman try to discern the “flavor” of candy corn by tasting everything from traditional candy corn to candy corn Oreos and even candy corn soda (pictured above). On its flavor, he says it doesn’t have a identifiable candy corn flavor and yet people know the flavor of candy corn.”

According to Professor Samira Kawash, a candy expert who will also be on this week’s show, candy corn is one of the most polarizing candies out there. So we decided to ask our listeners how they felt about the seasonal treat. Very polarizing, indeed. Here’s what some of you said:

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 12.27.24 PM

Some commenters just professed their love or hatred for the stuff, while others were more descriptive. Some even offered tips on how to improve its flavor.

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