Market Report

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Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections has but those mysterious finger limes to great use.  Finger limes are an oblong citrus fruit with a pearled pulp.  Some people call it "citrus caviar."  Valerie is candying them and using them in a raspberry gallette.  She's also using the pulp in a coconut finger lime cookie.  These items, and more, are for sale at the Saturday Santa Monica Farmers Market (downtown) and the Sunday Hollywood Farmers Market.  A recipe from Valerie is here.

Barbara Spencer of Windrose Farms has a variety of beautiful radicchio at her stand.  They are more flower-shaped than in a tight head.  She recommends soaking the head of radicchio in cold water for 20 minutes before spin-drying and using.  Pictures of Barbara's stand at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market are here.


Music: The Spinach Song by Julia Lee