Culinary Travels in Western Europe

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Mark Schatzker accepted the challenge to travel around the world in 80 days – a seemingly simple task until you consider that this is “slow travel,” where land and sea are the only acceptable forms of transportation.   Mark is a self-professed omnivore and the unhurried journey has permitted him to try every imaginable cuisine and to explore each country’s culture and people.  Mark is now on the home stretch – he checks-in on day 70 of his travels, after trekking through Monaco; visiting vineyards, eating escargot and Charolais steak in France’s Burgundy and Normandy regions (as well as finding fine wines and cheese in a local gas station along the way!); and finally winding up in England.  Pictures and a full travelogue are available on Mark’s blog.

Where it all starts:  Burgundian dirt, or "terroir."

Charolais Steak.jpg
Another famous export from Northern France - Charolais steak.

Music Break -- il Protagoniste -- Gianni Mazza