Critter Fritters; Kugel; Pork n' Beans; Skyr

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For most of the world, eating bugs is normal.  We, are the weird ones.  This week on Good Food, host Evan Kleiman taste tests critter fritters from Daniela Martin.  Chef Eric Greenspan of The Foundry on Melrose has put kugel on his menu.  He explains why.  Jonathan Gold tell us why we should go to San Gabriel for lobster.  Have you heard of skyr?  It's an Icelandic yogurt and Siggi Hilmarsson makes it.  Martha Rose Shulman explains why side dishes are often best as main courses.  Pork n' beans are definitely a crowd pleaser.  Rachael Sheridan from Cube is taking it to a new level.  We talk a lot about "food politics" on Good Food, but what exactly is "food policy"?  Michael Dimock of Roots of Change is here with a primer.  And 82-year old grandmother Jean Hill of Concord, Massachusetts is fighting to ban bottled water from her town.  And Daniel Mattern of Ammo has some ideas for how to use sunchokes in a variety of dishes.

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