Cupcake Camp; Dog Food; Rick Bayless; Raw Pie

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This is the summer of pie here on Good Food.  This week on the show, host Evan Kleiman talks to raw food chef Ani Phyo about making raw cream pies.  Celebrity chef Rick Bayless is here.  He shares stories of food from his childhood, including tales from his family's Oklahoma barbecue restaurant. Jonathan Gold wakes up with Thai breakfast from Siam Sunset.  Professor Marion Nestle explains how to feed your pet right.  Evan explores the world of raw dog food with Laura Kaiser.  Good Food producer Harriet Ells visits first grade teacher Jay Arbolario who introduced new foods to his students and their parents.  Hannah Lee and her friends are holding a cupcake camp down in Orange County.  Plus we'll take a look at the intersection between food and art with Donna Jo Thorndale.  She's an actress who bakes a cake on stage.  And Laura Avery talks to Mark Cannon of the Curious Palate about his tongue sandwich garnished with farmers market ingredients. 

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