Chili My Soul

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Proprietor Randy Hoffman brings his family's history to Chili My Soul, leaning on his teachings from the food chemists that worked in the family’s salad dressing factory.  Jonathan Gold visits the restaurant and indulges in a little spicy chili chemistry -- taking on an array of heat and chili varieties -- like the Roasted Garlic Beef, Tecate (made with beer) and Durango (enhanced with masa).  Those who don't want to drive to the restaurant's Encino location can also find Hoffman's chili at The Griddle in West Hollywood and at all of the Jinky's cafes. There's even more good news -- KCRW Fringe Benefits members receive 15% off at Chili My Soul!

Chili My Soul
4928 Balboa Blvd.

Music Break -- Tropicalia -- Dr. Lonnie Smith & David "Fathead"