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Garlic is a near-constant favorite. You can find purple garlic at Windrose Farm Stand. Barbara Spencer is bringing in long-necked purple cloves that haven't finished curing. You can tie them up or braid the necks together and hang them in a cool dry place for a few weeks to finish curing. The flavor of these purple varieties is richer and less sulfuric than white garlic.

Laura Avery also chats with Kelly Courtney from the Studio City hot-spot, Firefly.  Kelly offers tips on how to dress-up a few basics using simple ingredients:

Slice firm white-flesh peaches and add them to arugala leaves with 25 year-old Balsamic vinegar, estate olive oil, salt and pepper plus shaved Ricotta Salata (a hard cheese like a Pecorino Romano).

Baby artichokes are easy to prepare. Simply trim and peel the artichokes, cut them raw on a Mandoline (shaved finely) with juice of a Meyer lemon, salt, pepper, olive oil and thin knife slices of Parmesan cheese.

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