Decoding the Japanese Supermarket, Zinfandel 101, Queso

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Are you intimidated when you shop at a Japanese grocery store? Cookbook author Andrea Nguyen guides us through the aisles of dried mushrooms, soy sauce and tofu at Mitsuwa Market and kimchi producer Lauryn Chun explains how to incorporate kimchi into familiar dishes. Gustavo Arellano takes us to the oldest Iraqi restaurant in Orange County while Jonathan Gold focuses on the upscale Tex Mex at Bar Ama in downtown LA. Zinfandel gets a new look from Good Food wine-guru Stacie Hunt and food historian Andrew Smith offers a quick history of both beer and soda in America. At the market Chef James Trees tells Laura Avery about the “culinary incubator” called This is Not a Pop Up and notes pomologist David Karp tells the story of macadamia nut farmer Jim Russell.