Ukrainian Egg Decorating

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Effervescent color tablets aren’t the only way to dye Easter eggs.  The Ukrainian art of egg decorating, pysanky, dates back more than 1,000 years.  The intricate designs have symbolic meanings – varying from region to region – which are delicately painted onto hollowed-out, raw eggs. Some of the most common symbols include the star (which represents the Sun God), flowers (representing happiness), and birds (representing fertility).

Sofika Zielyk is an artist who specializes in this fantastic art form.  She regales us with the history of these incredible eggs – the legend behind them, what the symbols mean and just how long it takes to craft each egg.  Additional images of Sofika’s pysanky and information about the craft are available on her website.

Pysanky Resize 2.JPG

Symbol of the Sun God -- Eight Pointed Star

Pysanky Resize 4.JPG

Symbol of the Sun God -- Peace Sign

Pysanky Resize 3.JPG

Symbol of the Sun God -- Cross With Equal Sides

Pysanky photos courtesy of Sofika Zielyk; photo credit:  L. Zielyk