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Green Garlic

Ray Garcia is the Executive Chef at Fig, located at the Sheraton Miramar in Santa Monica (101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica).  He is sauteing green garlic with sugar snap peas, English peas and pea tendrils.  He likes to include garlic scapes as well. When using green garlic, use the base and trim off the outer edge.  Blanch the peas before sauteing to allow for some carmelization.  Add mint and fresh parsley at the end.


Barbara Spencer of Windrose Farms grows leeks and green garlic.  Her green garlic is small, the size of a scallion.  Her leeks are long and small as well.  This technique is unique to Windrose Farms.  They plant smaller heads as a bulb and the green garlic grows as a clump.  They will be selling green garlic for another two weeks.  They are also selling a small, round Parisian carrot, which are small and sweet. 

Parisian Carrots