Sit. Stay. Chew. Doggie Treats for the Canine Gourmet

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Linda West Eckhardt, author of The Dog Ate It: Cooking for Yourself and Your Four-Legged Friends talks us through her healthy recipes for dogs.

Linda is a respected food writer whose work has appeared in Redbook, Cooking Light, and Country Living magazines, and she is the author of sixteen cookbooks, including Bread in Half the Time, which won the IACP's Julia Child Award for Best Book of the Year.

Recipes in her latest book include: Chow Bella Burger Bites, Beef Teriyappi, Sausage Cheese Grits, Growly Good Granola, Beggar’s Purses, Cheddar Chomps, Sushi Hand Rolls, Dog-Friendly Salads, Chicken Soup, Adobo Chicken, Good Gravy, Turkey Meatballs, Lamb Shish Kebabs, Canine Kasha, North Carolina Pork Sandwiches, Roasted Pork Chops and Pekingese Duck.