Tacos in LA

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Nancy Zaslavsky, author of A Cook’s Tour of Mexico, shares her favorite taco joint with Good Food. Nancy also runs culinary tours to Mexico. Visit her website or call 310-440-8877 for tour dates.

Los Cinco Puntos
3300 E. Brooklyn Place (at Lorena), L.A. 90063, 323-261-4084
Open M, T, T, F 8am-6pm; S-S 7am-6pm; Closed W

Nancy says “Los Cinco Puntos has been around since 1967 when the Sotelo family opened their East L.A. neighborhood grocery store. Since then, shelves of canned and dry goods have been shoved aside to make room for loyal aficionados waiting for tacos, tamales and other top-notch selections off a short menu.

Carnitas taco: Start with an aromatic, pat-patted-out-by-hand corn tortilla—thick and chewy—then load on carnitas—moist and crispy—the real deal, made here in a huge copper cauldron. Top with a splash of homemade chile d’arbol salsa and a squirt of lime juice. For 25-cents more, pop for fresh guacamole. Simply world-class. Since you’re already here, take home a dozen of those tortillas. Dine off the hood of your car in the parking lot.”

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