Unsnackable: Dreaming about inaccessible snacks during the pandemic

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Folu Akinkuotu uses her weekly newsletter “Unsnackable” to share snacks from around the world that she may or may not have tasted. She says that writing about snacks is accessible and not intimidating, and recalls growing up visiting Sam’s Club and Costco with her parents to assist in filling the vending machines they operated, and then hoarding the unsold contents for her own cache. She is also behind #humblebragdiet, a Twitter series of remarkable creations in the kitchen.

Folu Akinkuto describes her current favorite savory snack Calbee Grill-A-Corn: “If you took the texture of Cheetos and then didn’t make them cheese-coated but covered with mala pepper spice.” Photo courtesy of Folu Akinkuotu.

“I’ve always loved snacks and missed the act of browsing,” says food writer Folu Akinkuotu of her weekly newsletter “Unsnackable,” which she created last fall. Photo by Brendan Powers.



Evan Kleiman