French Toast and Hugs; Noodle Island; Fried Green Tomatoes

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French toast evangelist Shyam Yadav spends his free time making this breakfast dish for strangers on the street. Jonathan Gold goes to Noodle Island and Steve Shaw explains how to eat like a pro at Asian restaurants that have two separate menus.  John Shelton Reed and Dale Volberg Reed come clean on why North Carolina barbecue is best.  And Steve Lerach tells tales of working with misfits and criminals in restaurant kitchens. Bitter flavors are handled in a remarkable way in our bodies according to Dr. Tim Osborne.  Lawry's the Prime Rib has been in business for 62 years and Fether's tells stories of her 45 year-long waitress career there. Plus, Laura Avery samples fried green tomatoes and baby broccoli at the Farmers' Market.

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