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Benny Bohm, the General Manager at Ammo restaurant, does all the shopping for the restaurant at the farmers market each week.  He shops for Perilla lettuces, butter lettuces, Lola Roso and Little Gem lettuces.  He buys small to medium-sized heads of these flavorful lettuces and dresses them lightly with shallot vinagrette made with red wine vinegar.  They will do a farm-to-table dinner featuring produce of Rutiz Farms.  The dinner is Sunday, May 3rd. Cost is $55 for a 4-course dinner. Ammo Cafe, 1155 Highland @ Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. 323-871-2666.


Deer Tongue Lettuce


Lilac flowers are in season now.  These fragrant, beautiful, woody flowers are in season for approximately three weeks.  Farmer Alex Weiser brings in hybrid and traditional varieties of lilacs.


Santa Monica Market manager Laura Avery is writing a weekly blog for KCRW.  Each Wednesday she shows us what's fresh each week at L.A. area markets.


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