Hoppin' John Buche de Noel, American Chestnuts

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Want luck and prosperity in the New Year? Try a bowl of Hoppin’ John. Paris  pastry chefs are creating buche de noel in fabulous new shapes, and a tree scientist explains why the American chestnut is in danger.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...do those words sound familiar? Sara Fitzsimmons explains which varieties of chestnuts taste best when roasted over the open fire. Gabriella Gershenson tells us that in Paris, pastry chefs are competing for the most inventive buche de noel and independent producer Sasa Woodruff reminisces about the holiday cookies her mother makes each year preparing for the Christmas holiday. Lesley Barger Suter and Lesley Balla offer tips on how to make the most of New Year’s Eve, whether you’re dining in or dining out; and Stephen Stryjewski provides a recipe for Hoppin’ John, a dish that promises prosperity and luck in the new year. Plus, Jonathan Gold takes us to Coni’Seafood for a new look on an old favorite.