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Sal Marino of La Bottega Marino (Beverly Hills, Larchmont and West LA) loves to use rapini this time of year. This bitter herb with a broccoli flavor is sometimes known as broccoli rabe. 

Some varieties have broccoli type florets on the top. Others, like what's pictured here, are just the greens. Sal is from Naples, Italy and there they cook this green in a simple saute -- sauteed with garlic and olive oil and chile flakes. Rapini soup is a delicious treatment of this vegetable too. Saute the rapini in garlic and olive oil. Add this mixture to either vegetable or chicken stock.  After about 15 minutes, blend the soup, adding olive oil as you blend to give it some fullness. If necessary, strain it. Otherwise, enjoy.

Laura Ramirez of JJ's Lone Daughter Ranch brings in pink pomegranates. These are similar in taste to the Wonderful variety that are most popular. The seeds inside the pink pomegranate won't stain your hands or clothes and the pit inside each seed is softer and easier to chew.



Evan Kleiman