Jonathan treats the kids to CottonHi

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CottonHi - Jade Kim
CottonHi’s owner Jade Kim.

A new ice cream parlor in Koreatown has caught the attention of our favorite Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold. CottonHi specializes in soft serve topped with — wait for it — organic cotton candy, which owner Jade Kim says is all the rage in South Korea.

Choose from several Instagrammable menu items like “Berry Shortcake” and “Party Time,” or combine your favorite ice cream and cotton candy flavors to make your own dessert. Then personalize your creation with caramel popcorn with Lucky Charms marshmallows, pineapple sauce with toasted coconut shavings or chocolate sauce and fizzy Pop Rocks. Jonathan’s jam is the CottonHi version of an affogato: coffee-flavored cotton candy and soft serve drizzled with mascarpone sauce and cold brew coffee. Entering sugar high…

Open till 11 PM from Sunday through Thursday, with lines out-the-door until 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, CottonHi is the Koreatown spot to get your sweet fix.

Read Jonathan’s LA Times review of CottonHi and find more of his recommendations here.

CottonHi - Ian Kim Eats
Jade’s 3-year-old son, Ian Kim, likes his CottonHi with a handful of colorful candied marshmallows.

Recommendations: Let the kid in you go wild with toppings or try Jonathan’s affogato-style cotton candy soft serve creation.

Location: 3825 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020 | (213) 263-1905

CottonHi - Tiramisu
CottonHi’s most popular tiramisu dessert is soft serve drizzled with a mocha-flavored mascarpone sauce, cocoa powder, chocolate shavings and a ladyfinger, topped with a cloud of coffee-flavored cotton candy. Melt away your cotton candy to get to your soft serve with the mini pipette that comes filled with cold brew coffee.