The avocado invasion

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Next we give a fruit that's invading kitchens and restaurant menus everywhere a moment in the sun: the avocado. We eat more of them in Los Angeles than in any other US city, and not just that mainstream Hass avocado with its bubbly dark thick skin. At the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, JJ's Lone Daughter Ranch sells 20 different kinds of avocados, including the Fuerte which was popular long before the Hass swept produce shelves. At Kali, chef Kevin Meehan is bringing the Fuerte back in a charred avocado salad on the menu. Try his recipe on the Good Food blog.

Because we've got avocados on the brain and it's the weekend, here's an homage to this tasty green fruit from Jamaican singer Jah9.

Music: "Avocado" by Jah9