Doggie Bags On a Large Scale

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Everyday people in Los Angeles struggle to find their next meal. And everyday hundreds of pounds of perfectly prepared food from restaurants and events is thrown into the garbage.

Helen Palit is the founder of Angel Harvest in Los Angeles, as well as City Harvest (based in NYC) and the umbrella organization America Harvest.  Angel Harvest is a non-profit organization that recycles good food to help feed the hungry in Los Angeles. Angel Harvest has a simple mission ... getting food from where there is extra to where it is needed. They pick up left-over food from events and deliver it free to shelters, soup kitchens and rehabilitation centers.

ANGEL HARVEST™ distributes donated food directly to agencies that are feeding men, women and children who are unemployed, underemployed, mentally or physical disabled, alcoholics and HIV positive as well as the hungry and homeless. They range in age from infants to senior citizens. These agencies provide meals to people regardless of their religious denomination, national origin and race. Most of the people in need are the working poor, who have 2 or 3 jobs just to survive. One out of four who eats this food is a child.