Lazy Gardener Technique- Bottomless Pulp Pots

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I confess to being a very lazy gardener.  Well maybe not lazy but distracted and often not able to devote the time to create beautiful solutions in the garden.  But I want the food, as much as possible and close by, so I don’t have to shop every time I want to cook.

So when it came to planting this season’s offerings from Tomatomania I was determined to actually get them in the ground within a week of purchasing the seedlings.  Sometimes they hang out in their little plastic pots way too long.  But did I have time to go buy new paper pulp pots to replace the well used ones with rotten bottoms?  No.  So here I offer two solutions for other lazy gardeners who like to re-use resources.  In the picture on the right, I took the bottomless pulp pot “cylinders” and just put them atop one of my garden beds in a spare corner.  I filled the cylinders with potting soil, planting mix and compost.  The picture on the left shows my pulp pot “condos”.  I had a couple of large pots I used last year for growing tomatoes but want to give a couple very robust tomato heirlooms I acquired this year (pineapple and watermelon) even more space to grow.  So I just put the pulp bottomless pots on the large pots that were already filled with potting soil, added more soil and voila, a 2 story pot.

The plants seem very happy.  The Early Girl in one of the pulp on ground pots already has a few little babies. I’ll let you know if/when I get fruit on the heirlooms.