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Tom PeltierTom Peltier is also known as the "bug guy" at the Santa Monica farmers market.  Tom sells decollate snails, which are carnivores and work underground to kill garden snails that eat plants.  You can also buy ladybugs from Tom, which help control the aphid population.  Tom recommends putting the ladybugs in a paperbag and spritzing them with soda.  It makes their wings sticky so that they won't fly away.


Decollate Snails



David WestDavid West at Clearwater Farms sells wild mushrooms.  Right now he has morels, which are a late arrival this year.  David likes to morels with scrambled eggs.  Chop the morels and saute on low heat with butter or olive oil.  Add eggs and scramble.




Laura Avery is blogging every week about what's fresh at the farmers market.  Find her post Thursdays on the Good Food Blog.


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