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Laura Avery runs into an excited David Karp, the Fruit Detective, who reveals fresh yuzu, the Japanese citrus that is made into ponzu sauce (Japanese ketchup.)  Yuzu has an intense lemony, grapefruit smell and the rind has all the flavor.


Maryann Carpenter of Coastal Farms has many varieties of greens, including mustard greens, chard and dinosaur kale (pictured).  Cut the stems off at the base of the leaf. For faster cooking, chop the greens up and then sautee in garlic and olive oil.  Tougher greens can be braised in a little bit of liquid, covered, over medium heat.  Mustard and collard greens may take up to an hour to get tender. Chard and kale will take less time.

Music break: The Awakening by Slinky