My Summer Project….Pie-a-Day

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I may be out of my mind, but after getting a few books on pies and rustic fruits desserts to peruse for the show I’m reconnecting with one of my favorite foods, and definitely my favorite dessert, PIE.  So I’m making a commitment to myself and saying it out loud so you will keep me on track.

I will make a Pie a Day for the whole summer.  Unless I am traveling…

Hopefully, I won’t eat them all.  The plan is to pick sort of randomly according to mood, make a pie, and bring it to wherever I have to be that day.  Guess that means I have to buy some inexpensive pie tins.  Some will be savory.  Since a client requested a Moroccan lunch delivery for tomorrow.  I am starting with a meatless Cashew Bastilla.  I will share the recipe and pics tomorrow.