Union Square Greenmarket Report

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KohlrabiZaid Kurdieh of Norwich Meadows Farms has greens, radishes and kohlrabi at his Greenmarket stand. Zaid likes to peel his kohlrabi and eat them raw.  Spring garlic is in season right now in New York.  Zaid adds it to braised greens and adds it to stock.

Peter Hoffman

Peter Hoffman and Evan

Peter Hoffman is the chef/owner of Savoy and Back Forty.  Peter is buying ramps right now at the market.  Ramps are part of the onion family and areRamps grown wild.  They taste like a combination of onion and garlic.  The cold winter of New York allows for a bumper crop of wild ramps.  Peter likes to add ramps to scrambled pullet eggs.  Saute the white and pink part of the ramps in bacon then add the green part last.  Peter doesn't beat the eggs prior to putting them in the pan.  He likes to see the whites and yolks slightly separate.  He just scrambles them in the pan.  Read about Evan's dinner at Back Forty here.  Peter buys ramps from Rick Bishop of Mountain Sweet Berry Farms.  See a video interview with Rick here.

Jen Small

Evan and Jen Small

Jen Small owns Flying Pigs Farm in New York's Hudson Valley.  Jen and her husband raise heritage pigs.  In the last few years she's been selling many more parts of the animal.  Jen sells a pork blade roast with the skin on.  Slash the skin, season and roast.  The skin shouldn't be braised so as to remain crispy.  Trotters, tails, ears are also popular.  Find recipe for pigs tails here.

Flying Pigs Farms Pork

Pork selection from Flying Pigs Farm


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