Pie-a-Day #12 Avocado Pie

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I’m not very much of an “icebox pie” person.  Which sometimes makes me feel sad, like I’m not sufficiently American.  So after much hectoring on the part of my catering manager Ivana, I decided to leap into the cold with an Avocado Cream Pie.  After all, avocados are summer – it’s the chip topped with guacamole vearing to the mouth with one hand and an icy tart cocktail in the other.  And they’re green.  The color makes the pie a very pretty green.  I topped it with a bit of sour cream mixed with a touch of confectioners’ sugar.  We’ll see how it tastes tomorrow after a night of chilling.  I did however, make some progress on the graham cracker crust front.  This time I used actual graham crackers which I beat with a rolling pin until crumbly…but not super fine.  It came out quite nice although it slipped down the pie pan a bit too much.  Next time….