Pie-a-Day #20 & #21: Cherry Pie and Sour Cream Ice Cream Pie

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Sometimes one finds one’s way to a recipe like a meandering walk.  The way to these two pies was like that.

After a conversation I had on GF with Cliff Wright about cold soups we received a lovely note from a listener, Alice along with a recipe for a Hungarian Cold Cherry Soup.  I couldn’t get it out of my head.  It reminded me of Borscht (cold beet soup) served with Sour Cream, so I sent out a tweet asking if the Cold Cherry Soup with Sour Cream were a pie what would it be.  I got several responses, but the one that stuck with me was from @thebestjasmine “cream cheese pie crust (RLB recipe) with sour cream based ice cream on top!”  Instead of Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cream Cheese Pie Crust from her addictingly finicky The Pie and Pastry Bible, I decided to make her Sour Cream Crust.  I loved the idea of the sour cream ice cream and made a custard base into which I added a full pint of sour cream.  A day passed and summer hit.  I woke up to a really hot day.  I had all the components ready.  Crust, jarred morello cherries from TJs and chilled ice cream base, so I called my friend Jill who has a pool and an ice cream machine and invited myself over.  My friend Lucy came with.  Meanwhile the idea of just making sour cream ice cream to accompany the cherry pie morphed into making an ice cream pie.  So the theme of sour cream and cherries became A Sour Cream Ice Cream Pie with fresh Cherries and Chocolate in an Oreo crust.

Cherry Ice Cream

We got to Jill’s.  She took over the making of the ice cream, I rolled out the crust for the pie and Lucy started pitting fresh cherries.

Again I had agita about thickeners.  Everyone says don’t use flour with cherries.  Jill’s tapioca had spent too long in the freezer and had acquired an off odor.  I didn’t want to deal with corn starch, well you know why, so I used flour.  Popped the pie in the oven and watched as Jill and Lucy efficiently separated Oreo cookies into filling and wafer. (We couldn’t find chocolate wafer cookies at the market).  The crust was made and pressed into the pan.  The ice cream was made and we folded in the fresh cherries and some chopped chocolate and plopped it into the crust, topped it with more fresh cherries and a sprinkle of chocolate and gently tucked it among the edamame in Jill’s freezer.  Then we jumped into the pool.  Good Day.