Pie-a-Day #24 – Fig Mascarpone Cream

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I continue on my mission to conquer pastry creams and thickeners.  Exec. Producer Jennifer Ferro came back from the market on Wednesday with a little bag of figs for me so I new I needed to make a base that the figs could ride on.  Russ Parsons and I had just had a conversation about Frozen Souffles and making Bavarian Cream so I thought, let me try that.  The Bavarian Cream part, not the frozen souffle part although I’m sure that will make it’s way into a pie crust as well.  So I did what I hadn’t done in a very long time.  I made zabaglione.  How fun!  A few egg yolks in a bowl with just enough sugar and a shot of port set atop simmering water (not touching the bowl).  After just a few minutes of vigorously whisking,  the eggs magically increase in volume and that fabulous scent of egginess and port fills the air.  I love zabaglione.  My favorite form is Gelato Zabaglione at Da Crispino in Rome.  Let me take a moment of silence to give proper reverence……….

Okay, then I cooled the zabaglione and folded in a mixture of whipped cream that had a bit of gelatin added.  While the creamy mass was cooling and starting to set I made a very rich cashew crust, the kind that’s so soft you have to pat it in the tart rings.  After the crusts were prebaked I let them cool completely and poured in the Mascarpone Cream.  It was still too soft to support the figs so I left them in the Angeli walk-in while I went to Copa d’Oro to meet a lovely bunch of listeners for a a drink.

I woke up, came to the restaurant and made a glaze for the figs with water, lemon juice, cornstarch (RLB).  The figs were thinly sliced, set atop perfectly set cream and brushed with the glaze.  Look’s yummy