Pie-a-Day #25 Hoosier Pie – Indiana State Pie

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As I was walking out of Copa d’Oro in a perfect cocktail haze I started worrying about next day’s pie.  Someone asked me if I plan them all out.  I think I guffawed.  Sometimes I don’t know what the pie is going to be until after 9pm that same night!  So Rachael Narins of Chicks with Knives said “Do a Hoosier Pie.”

I jumped on the internet as soon as I got home to see what that was.  Interesting – what some call “Desperation Pie”.  Simply sugar, cream, flour, maybe vanilla.  Recipes reflect the varying proportions of the simple ingredients.  Here’s some good pie history.  Once it came out of the oven it smelled like the word “homey”.  It made me think of the Neapolitan pie Pastiera.  I don’t know why, No wheat, no ricotta, no eggs for that matter, but that intense hominess.  Some say eat it warm or room temperature others cold from the fridge.  I put it in the fridge because today I want to cover it with whole strawberries with a nice glaze.  Let’s see how that goes.