Pie-a-Day #45: Lemon Curd with Black Raspberry Compote and “Floating” Meringue

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Toupe Pie
Or as we’ve at KCRW have come to call it,  “Toupe Pie”. This was my attempt to deconstruct the pie.  I made a graham cracker crust, lemon curd, black raspberry compote thickened with tapioca, the uhhhh, I guess you could call it meringue.  I would call it an egg white topper.
Before the Meringue Shrank
In her book The Lost Art of Pie Making, Made Easy, Barbara Swell talks about the conundrum of Lemon Meringue Pies.  You get a choice:
Crisp Crust vs. weeping filling
Dying from Salmonella vs. Rubbery Meringue
All in all the whole experience is one of acceptance and will.

Lemon Meringue Pies  are made up of three parts, here they are along with the pitfalls of each:
* Crust – a regular pie dough crust can often get soggy from the weeping meringue or the moisture in the filling
Solution:  Make graham cracker, chocolate wafer or coconut press in crust
* Filling –  I am still not convinced about cornstarch fillings.  One has to choose between a better tasting yet looser filling vs a firm, easy to slice filling that just isn’t “toothsome”
Solution:  Use lemon curd, no cornstarch yet tons of egg yolks
* Meringue Topping – Where do I begin?  What starts out as a gorgeous show piece of fluff can end up as a shrinking, spongy, weeping “toupee”.
Solution:  Anyone have one?