Pie-a-Day #50 – Whoo Hoo! Frozen Mocha Mousse Pie

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I hadn’t thought ahead and acquired some chocolate wafers for an “oreo” crust, so I fell back on the graham cracker crust for this Icebox pie too.

The filling was made of sweetened condensed milk, really good quality 70% chocolate, instant coffee mixed in hot water, and whipped cream.  I used a lot of chocolate, about 8 ounces.

For the coffee I tried Starbucks Via, their new entry into the instant coffee market.  Since I don’t use instant coffee for drinking, but only for cooking, my requirements are different.  I want it strong and not too bitter with that deep winy taste characteristic of most instant coffees.  It’s that deep bottom flavor that adds character to many chocolate desserts and even savory sauces.  The Starbucks Via was good.  I liked how the very fine powder dissolved so quickly in hot water. And it gave the chocolate mousse mixture a marked mocha flavor.  Like the peanut butter pie this one had a wonderfully smooth texture, but because there was no cream cheese in it, more whipped cream instead it had a lighter texture.  It melted more quickly too which is why it’s not so photogenic.  I could have added whipped cream rosettes and some chocolate curls, but alas I was too lazy.

I have to say that I’m not a chocolate person so the additional coffee to mocha it up was delicious.