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Laura Avery chats with Mark Peel, chef-owner of Campanile restaurant, who is crazy about savoy cabbage. He slices the cabbage into ribbons, chiffonade style, about the slice of cole slaw, and sautes it with garlic and onions in olive oil. Once it's softened, he suggest that you can add 2 quarts of chicken stock to make a soup. You can also add cubed potatoes, chopped carrots and fresh noodles.

If you want to eat the savoy cabbage as a side dish, saute the cabbage, onions and garlic and thin slices of apple until softened. Add salt and pepper and enjoy!

Jimmy Williams, along with his son Logan, is the owner of Hayground Organic Gardening in Hollywood.  They grow over 1,000 varieties of rare and heirloom vegetable plants and fruit trees in their small lot. Hayground specializes in turning residential yards into fully functional gardens.

Jimmy recommends planting chard, mizuna, lettuce mixes and Upland-cress, which is like watercress but can be grown in the soil. You can harvest this for months by clipping the outer leaves of plant, not the center.

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