Recipe: Cherry Tomato Cobbler as Demo’d at The TasteLA

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As promised,  here is the recipe for the savory fruit pie I demonstrated at The LA Times The TasteLA food extravaganza on Sunday.  I say fruit because, after all the tomato is a fruit which is one reason why this particular pie is so easy to throw together.  The tomatoes act like berries, bursting apart once the heat of the oven penetrates the pie.  The juices that seep out of the bursted beauties mix with a small amount of flour to thicken.  A take on one of Martha Stewart’s most brilliant recipes, the simple ingredients of seasonal cherry tomatoes, sweet translucent cooked onion and basil mixes with the butter and cheese dripping down from the crust to become a dish so addicting the first time I had it (at a friend’s house in Rome) I ate three pieces.  I tend to be excessive with good pie.  My take on her original recipe is here.

But because I was making dough on one of the hottest days of the year I decided to use a much more forgiving Cream Cheese Dough that Pastry Chef-Co-Owner of Cook’s County Roxana Jullapat taught me.  The dough is just flour, butter and cream cheese, no water.  That makes it tender as well as flakey and no need to worry about fighting gluten or softening butter, since you want the butter to be soft anyway.