Recycling Water; Meat and Global Warming; Peanuts; Rare Grapes

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To mark Earth Day, we'll take a look at some innovative approaches to growing food.  Dickson Despommier explains how farming can go vertical.  Meg Glasser gives Evan Kleiman a tour of an edible wall in Los Angeles' Skid Row.  No matter how it's done, making and distributing food contributes to global warming.  Industrial meat production is perhaps one of the worst perpetrators.  Nicolette Hahn Niman explains how to make meat climate friendly.  Recycling water is an earth-friendly option.  Elizabeth Royte tells us about a plant in Orange County that is taking water from the toilet to the tap.  George Cossette of Silverlake Wine is in the studio with some rare grape varieties.  We'll take a trip back in time with Valerie Gordon, who is making cakes reminiscent of a bygone era.  Jonathan Gold takes us to Lebanon via Westwood.  Plus, Suvir Saran loves peanuts and he tells us why.  And Laura Avery shares what's fresh on the Market Report.

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