Sparkling Wines

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Jennifer Nugent, co-owner of Colorado Wine Company, uncorks sparkling wines to celebrate New Year's.

  • Camille Saves Premier Cru Brut - dry, yeasty flavor with fine, tiny bubbles. $53.99
  • LeBrun Servenay 1997 by Patrick LeBrun - metallic, pencil-lead flavor.  $72.99


  • Domain J. Laurens Brut - light green apple. $13
  • Bortolomiol Valdobiaddene -  not as dry but with an herbacious quality of rosemary or dill depending on what you pair with it
  • Albert Mann Cremant d'Alsace - quince flavor  $21.99

Colorado Wine Company
2114 W. Colorado Blvd
Eagle Rock, CA 90041

Music break: Line for Lyons by Gerry Mulligan Quartet