Fin-to-fin cooking, crustaceans, urchin

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Chef Josh Niland treats fish the way you would treat any land animal, putting all the parts to work as he does in his version of a turducken. Photo by Rob Palmer.

Good Food takes to the sea this week, starting with Aussie chef Josh Niland who discusses how his butchery handles a fish, prolonging its shelf life up to four weeks and using all but two parts in his kitchen. Paul Greenberg supports a diet of smaller, plankton-eating fish such as anchovies, sardines and herring rather than taking Omega-3 supplements. Trevor Corson explains the curious mating rituals of lobsters. Stephanie Mutz is one of two women who dive for uni off the coast of Santa Barbara. Inspired by the seafood shacks on the beach, Chef Gabriela Cámara brought the ocean to her restaurant in Mexico City. Up the coast, Renee Erickson brings a French culinary education and time in Normandy to her Seattle restaurants.



Evan Kleiman