Seed Bombs; Boysenberries; Rendering Plants; California Olive Oil

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What happens to unused meat and fat from a market or restaurant?  They're sent to rendering plants.  Dr. David Meeker explains what that is.  Landscape professional Joel Karston shares the secret to growing food in straw.  Zannie Flanagan is a farmers market pioneer in Australia.  She describes the nascent movement down under.  Good Food host Evan Kleiman visits We Olive in Long Beach, where she samples a selection of California olive oils with owner Debbie Brooks.  Then, she tours Gene Bianchi's organic avocado farm in Temecula.  Jonathan Gold explores Chiu Chow-style Chinese food in Alhambra.  Daniel Phillips and Kim Karlsrud have created seed bombs which promote guerrilla gardening in L.A.  Boysenberries are a genetic cross between a raspberry and a blackberry.  Pomologist David Karp has the details in the Market Report.  And street-food vendor Nina Garcia shares the secrets of her special sauce.

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