Soviet Food Memories, Salt Block Cooking, Deborah Madison

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Anya Von Bremzen grew up in the Soviet Union, and her book, Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking, is a history of the Soviet Union through the experience of her own family and in particular her mother. Antonio Medina, the chef and owner of the Gastrobus food truck, talks to us about his memories of the food in Ecuador. Jonathan Gold reviews Girasol, the new restaurant from Top Chef alum CJ Jacobson. Deborah Madison's most recent publication is Vegetable Literacy, a book that examines twelve plant families and includes 300 recipes that honor the strengths of each plant. Mark Bitterman's latest book, Salt Block Cooking, offers 70 recipes that utilize Himalayan salt blocks for grilling, searing, chilling, and serving. Plus, Kevin Sinnott tells us about Italian espresso, Turkish coffee, and Vietnamese coffee. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Alex Weiser, the farmer behind Weiser Family Farms who grows three varieties of sunchokes.

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