Summer Travel; Homemade Ice Cream; Blenheim Apricots

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In honor of July 4 weekend, we're hitting the road.  Lisa Napoli takes us to the kingdom of Bhutan for some extra spicy food.  We'll go on a road trip to Bakersfield with Jonathan Gold.  Good Food Producer Harriet Ells takes us to Bogota, Colombia where she tasted fruits from the amazon.  We'll find out about the Chinese taste for wine from journalist Pauline LohKim Faytakes us to Vietnam.  Evan Kleiman's friend Elizabeth Minchilli tells us what Romans really eat.  Naomi Duguid shares stories of eating in the Great Sub-Continent.  Plus, Amelia Saltsman has a recipe for homemade ice cream using farmers market ingredients.  And Mike Cironi is back with his Blenheim apricots.