Super Bowl of Pho

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DSCN3343As Good Food’s resident sports fan, I really wanted to do a segment for the Super Bowl, which is this Sunday.  I thought about wings, jalapeño poppers and cheese dip.  Eh… those have all been done.  So, I asked Good Food contributor Eddie Lin for some ideas.  “The Super Bowl of Pho,” he said.  Okay, now we’re talking.

So a few days ago, Eddie and I went out to Pho Super Bowl, a strip-mall restaurant on Main Street in Alhambra…

DSCN3332The Competitors: Deep End Diner Eddie Lin vs. 3 Bowls of Rare Beef Pho

The Arena: Pho Super Bowl, 1300 E. Main Street #105, Alhambra, CA 91801

The Prize: A free meal, bragging rights and, it turns out, a stomach ache

So did he do it?  Oh course!  As my iPhone countdown clock ticked down, Eddie gulped the remaining cup of beef broth.  He could barely utter his sign off before pushing back from the table and heading outside for some air.  According to Eddie, the worst part was that the noodles sitting in the broth kept expanding.  God only knows what they were doing in his stomach.


Hear the full account of Eddie’s Super Bowl victory, this Saturday on Good Food.