Cast Iron Pans

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Chris Kimball, founding editor of Cook's Illustrated and host of America's Test Kitchen, pans for the best cast iron skillets. Over the past 30 years nonstick skillets have taken the place of cast iron in most homes. But with disturbing reports about the effects of nonstick coatings on the environment and our health, America's Test Kitchens decided to take another look at cast iron to see if it is worth bringing back into the kitchen.

Kimball highly recommends the following pre-seasoned cast iron pans:
    -- Lodge Logic 12-Inch Skillet - $26.95
    -- The Camp Chef SK-12 Cast Iron Skillet - $17.99

Kimball recommends the following cast iron pans:
    -- Lodge Pro-Logic 12-Inch Skillet - $29.95; pre-seasoned
    -- Le Creuset Round Skillet, 11-Inch - $ 109.95; enameled

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