The Quest for Fresh Water

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Water is the key to life.  When a natural disaster hits, the immediate aftermath is a flurry of finding survivors, providing medical care, and seeking out potable water.  What do we do when a major water supply has been contaminated?  Donald G. McNeil, Jr. is a science reporter for the New York Times.  He recently looked into one scientific answer to this question, the Life Straw.

The Life Straw consists of seven different filters and an iodine resin – its fine mesh is very tough, making it a great device for water purification.  Originally, it was created to filter out guinea worms and the water fleas that carry their eggs.  Donald compares the Life Straw to other methods of water purification and discusses the situations where it shouldn’t be used, such backpacking and when certain viruses need to be filtered.

Donations to distribute LifeStraws to the areas that need them most can be made through the LifeStraw website.

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