Texas BBQ; Homemade Hot Sauce; The World's Hottest Pepper

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Everyone knows that Texans are serious about their barbecue, so we asked Texas Monthly BBQ editor Daniel Vaughn to explain the regional differences within the state's most famous delicacy. If flying to Texas isn't an option, Jonathan Gold recommends Bludso's Bar & Cue as a good spot for Texas-style brisket in Los Angeles. For those who plan to spend Father's Day over the grill, Bruce Aidells explains how to read the meat packaging in your local supermarket and hot dog enthusiast Bruce Kraig shares a history of wieners, franks and dogs. Need something to top that grilled meat? Jennifer Trainer Thompson has ideas for a variety of hot sauces. Plus, journalist Spencer Jakab details the race for the world's hottest pepper. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Xiong Pao Her about Asian vegetables and cocktail chef Matthew Biancaniello offers a how-to for making nocino, a green walnut liqueur. Also, Marion Nestle decodes the enormous and often confusing Farm Bill debate in Congress.

Banner image: Sign at Kasper's Meat Market in Weimar, Texas. Photo: Nicholas McWhirter

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