Jonathan Gold dines at Kettle Black

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Where can eastside hipsters go to satisfy their weeknight pasta cravings? LA Times food writer Jonathan Gold recommends Kettle Black in Silver Lake, where chef Sydney Hunter III is dishing up fresh homemade pappardelle with maitake mushrooms and nasturtium butter, panzanella topped with crunchy chunks of crostini, and smoky and oven-roasted Japanese eggplant served in saba vin cotto. Jonathan says there is a lot to share at this small-plates concept restaurant.

Photo by Harmoni Everett

To learn more, check out Jonathan's LA Times review of Kettle Black in Silver Lake.

Kettle Black: 3705 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026 / 323-641-3705

Music: "Come Together" and "The Fall" (Instrumental) by Rhye