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Evidence shows that cannibalism goes far back in world history -- Egyptions, Chinese, Maoris, Iroquois, Aztec, European, French, English, and Americans have practiced cannibalism at one time or another, most commonly as "enemy eating" in times of war.  Our culture is both repulsed and fascinated by cannibalism, which can be an act of both love (endophagy - the eating of one's friends) and hate (exophagy – the eating of one’s enemies), not just a means of survival.  Bunny Crumpacker is the author of The Sex Life of Food:  When Body and Soul Meet to Eat, a gastronomic history that includes cannibalism, it’s myths and how it evolved in various cultures.

Bunny Crumpacker is is a New York native, and has been a professional caterer, author, editor, newspaper columnist, and school public relations officer. She and her husband, a record producer, live in the Hudson River Valley region, just north of New York City.

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